2 Key Ways to Maintain Golf Courses

Owning a golf course can be a lucrative investment, but there are things you should know before purchasing a course. Golf is a multibillion dollar industry, which means a golf course must be held to certain standards in order to be successful. Maintenance is the key to successful course with plenty of satisfied members, so your budget for maintenance should be focused on if you want to make sure patrons are happy.

Successful golf courses increase their maintenance budget each year – and for good reason. Maintenance keeps the turf nice, hole locations new, bunkers raked, and makes sure water quality is high, reducing pests. Some key maintenance tasks include removing ball marks, maintaining your turf, and raking bunkers.

Eliminate Ball Marks

country club management

One part of country club management you may not even consider at first is the maintenance of golf balls. Ball marks are caused when the ball hits the ground after being airborne. The impact of the fall causes depressions and marks in the putting green, damaging grass and making the green uneven. Your putting green is essential to the satisfaction of members, so remove ball marks using a repair tool frequently.

Rake Bunkers

Bunkers are used in golf to test the golfer’s abilities when playing in sand. Bunkers can be overcome, increasing golf skill and helping members improve. Bunkers should be managed properly and kept in excellent condition for members of your club. Follow standards for constructing and maintaining bunkers, mow turf around bunker edges, monitor sand depth, and ensure bunkers have proper drainage.

You can increase the happiness of your members simply by focusing on maintenance of your golf course a bit more. These three maintenance tips improve your course significantly, so continue to refine your course’s maintenance strategies to continue seeing growth and enhance the satisfaction of club members.