Don’t Ever Close Door On Your Dog

Here in the concrete jungle your best pal does not have the ability to open and close doors for himself. This of course is not meant literally. After all, it would have been obvious seeing as he only has four paws and not ten fingers like you do. The canine therapist down at the dog grooming penn yan ny clinic or parlor not only has ten fingers like you do but ten magical fingers. These are in any case needed in order to keep the door open regarding the dog’s own health, hygiene and wellbeing, and basically just being able to survive in the concrete jungle.

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Canine grooming as a health exercise helps to keep the dog free of parasites. The pet groomer is able to carry out a number of cleansing exercises quite close to what the veterinary surgeon would do. Anything more serious than that and the vet would have to take over. Nevertheless, it is becoming quite proactive to align the veterinary surgeon’s rooms next to that of the grooming parlor. The work that these two animal lovers do go hand in hand in any case. And from both a health and hygienic point of view, it would make sense to release the recently treated dog into the arms of its masseuse if you will.

Speaking of hygiene, there are a number of things that the dog groomer needs to know on behalf of both dog and its master. For instance, clipping the nails of the dog’s paws is not an easily mastered routine. So, why not let the groomer do it instead. That way you know the nails are clipped properly. And it needs to be done regularly. The groomer will let you know how this schedule should work.