Mole Education 101: Facts You Should Know

Moles are found throughout the Berlin area. The pest isn’t a danger due to disease or its aggressiveness, but instead the damage that the mole causes to a lawn, garden, and other areas of the home exterior. If you suspect or know that you have a problem with moles, call to schedule professional mole control berlin nj as soon as possible. Until that call, learn more about moles with the information below.

Moles Live underground

Male moles sometimes score above ground during mating season. However, moles live underground and spend the majority of their time in that location. That is why many people find the pest difficult to detect except for the damage that is left behind that indicate they’ve been around.

Moles Damage Soil and Grass

Moles dig underground tunnels that help them breathe and move about. As they travel, they move soil around and dig up roots, weeds, etc., which can become burrowed on top of the lawn and ground. This cases soil and grass distribution and certainly impacts the health of the lawn and grass.

Gardens are the Moles Preferred Location

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The soil found in gardens is soft and moist; just what the mole wants. Rarely will a mole build a tunnel or burrow near a food source or a house. Additionally, moles view homes as danger zones, so you likely won’t ever see one inside the house, unless there is a flood.

How to Get Rid of Moles

There are a few ways to rid the garden or lawn of moles. Many people prefer eating moles. However, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional to learn more about the mole removal options. Professional service is the fastest, most efficient way to remove moles.